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We are a hospitality company with operations in Europe, and CEI.

  • Blue Sky Projects

    Develop a hospitality project of any size and benefit from world class know how, TotallyH is the right advisor! Your project from start to finish with full integration of all disciplines.

    Your property needs a lift. We are here to guide yo ... see more

  • Conversions

    Your property needs a lift. We are here to guide you to the best choices for your property's new lifecycle. History made fantastic it's our business!

  • Crisis mitigation for the hospitality industry

    Unexpected events, sometimes predictable some other times not, are occurring with an increased frequency.

    Are you prepared to face them while protecting your clients and preserving your line of business?

    We are by your side to help ... see more

  • Brand Facilitation for Franchised Properties

    When you are an owner and franchisee, a little help is needed in leveraging the brand requirements. We are bringing balance in the relationship between the brand and the franchisee.

  • Customer Care Culture

    How easy is it to make business with you ? Are you ready to sell and provide services for everything you are advertising ? How does your client feel when interacts with your organisation and how is this impacting your bottom line?

    We engin ... see more

  • Compliance Audits

    Accelerated audit and compliance in the due diligence process. Weather you are selling or buying a property you need to assess the financial, legal, operational or technical capability of the asset.

  • Property Management

    We manage your property for you ! Professional management, property enhancement and state of the art financial reporting. We are getting the job done!

  • Be a Part
    Of Our


We are good listeners. First we listen to you. You tell us what's good, what's bad where you see the problems and where you see the opportunities. Then we make sure we heard exactly what you said and we put it into a form that we can both relate to. That's the start.


Everything that surrounding us and is man made, at first was in someone's mind. We leverage the best brains and we add human emotions to get the blueprint of your project. We really love people, whether you name them engineers, clients, mothers or shareholders. We draw things for humans built by other humans.


We make things happen. We turn ideas, budgets and time into reality. We know our business. We love people and we show them that we love them. They respond in kind and that’s how we deliver. The real thing, the one that you will be proud of for years to come.

Feed Back

We listen again and all the way trough. A project's real life begins when the its used by the ones that it's meant for. We keep looking after and make sure that it's usable by the clients, operable by the teams and profitable for its owner. That's what we call Total Value of Ownership – TVO.

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